Kim Kardashian Fashion Fail – Photos

Kim Kardashian Fashion Fail – HER husband is known for liking to experiment with fashion and it seems Kim Kardashian has taken a leaf out of his book.
Kim Kardashian Fashion
The 35-year-old suffered a rare fashion fail as she jetted out of New York — wearing her most bizarre creation yet, reports The Sun.

Taking the concept of smart casual to a whole new level she wore a long black evening dress over a black sports top.

She teamed the eye-catching combo with a pair of black stiletto heels and a fur coat draped around her shoulders.

Reality star Kim was joined by her husband Kanye following his surprise performance at Coachella.
Kim Kardashian Fashion
The jet set couple have already moved on from the Big Apple and are currently in Iceland with Kim’s sister Kourtney and their good friend Jonathan Cheban.

It’s unclear what the family are doing there but Kim has already found time to take in the stunning scenery.

Earlier today the mum of two shared a picture a stunning waterfall, which she also shared on SnapChat declaring “that is gorgeous”.
Kim Kardashian Fashion
The gang also paid a visit to a tomato farm, where they kept hives of bees — with both Kourt and Kim shared on Snap chat.

It comes after Kourtney revealed Kim had a weird habit of playing with bees when she was younger.

She told “No, I am [scared of bees]! Although thankfully, I’m not allergic. But you know who’s not? Kim. When Kim was little, she used to hold bees and play with them. Finally, she got stung and she stopped. But they were like her friends.”

Hope  Kim Kardashian Fashion will become latest dressing code in the society.

According to the Sun.

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