USA Visa Application Form | How to Apply for U.S Visa

USA Visa Application Form – Do you want to download USA visa application form to apply for a United States visa as Nonimmigrant! If you want to have your Visa accepted, there is a simple steps you have to follow to avoid your US visa application being refused. If you want to apply for a U.S visa there are steps you need to abide to for you to be successful during Visa interview.

A lot of  people have had their US visa application rejected because of one or two errors they made during their Visa application online. But is good to know the steps well to avoid those mistakes.

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If you want to apply for USA visa there are some steps you must have to follow, if not you will end up getting confused. Every Embassy has their procedure for visa application including South Africa, Germany, India, China, Singapore, Netherlands and Canada.

Though most of these countries do not require much stress on applying for their visa like Pakistan and North Korea. But to get a United Kingdom or USA visa is one of the toughest consulates application.

On this post, I want to discuss with you on how to go about US Visa Application Form and how to apply for  USA visa free of charge. If you have tried to apply but failed, then this is the best opportunity to get it right.

Download USA Visa Application Form

There are four (4) US visa applications form to download. You will have the access to download the Forms on this page by following the steps I will show you here.

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The choice is vast and applicants need to ensure the following points:

  • that they are applying within the correct visa category
  • that they have completed the application form acceptably and accurately
  • Also, that they have submitted all of the correct supporting documents to the right authorities
  • that they have paid the correct fee and undergone biometric tests

US visa application forms are frequently delayed or denied because of an oversight on one of the above points.

How to Apply for USA Visa

There are 2 steps to take before you can complete the US visa application. Make sure you follow it judiciously to avoid your application rejected.

Step 1: Complete the online DS-160 and print the confirmation page for each person applying for a visa, regardless of age. Answer the questions to the best of your ability; we cannot assist you in completing the form. Before you begin, see our video and SlideShare presentation for additional tips, and information on photo specifications.

Step 2: Go to to pay the MRV application fee and schedule an interview, or obtain information on applying for the visa by courier. Click on “Apply” if you are a first time user or “Continue” if you already have an account.

After creating your account, please follow the process and guidance for each person applying for a visa.

Note: Appointments cannot be scheduled by email.

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If you have followed this steps carefully to the end, then you are sure of being granted US visa to travel from any country.

For assistance on USA Visa Application Form | How to Apply for United States Visa Application contact through comment box section below.

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